Constructing a factory, constructing a building

Thi công nhà xưởng, xây dựng nhà xưởng thép tiền chế


Come along with the development of economy, consuming need more and more high, enterprises are strengthening rapidly, with expanding production need, building factory from enterprises more and more increasingly.

To ensure the balance between producing and expanding factory then safety in constructing a factory is extremely important. Constructing a new factory has to assure best condition for operating of former factory, it must make no difference to producing chain that is building contractor prerequisite.

Nowadays, pre-engineered steel building is best solution to build factory. This is a most favorite structure in the market because there are many dominant advantages comparing to others: construct quickly, extra-over big span create space inside factory bigger make convenience for assembling technology chain, easy to collapsing when replacing and expanding factory. A building factory process include these stage:

– Design factory architecture.

– Design factory structure.

– Create drawing for building permission.

– Create fabrication drawing for building components.

– Carry out producing steel building components at factory.

– Assemble building components at site.

– Build Reinforced concrete of factory.

– All of building components will be produced fit together, then assembling at site with best way, to assure construction execution progress is fastest.

By managing process closely from choosing materials step to fabricating step, and experienced architectures and engineers specialize design and construction factory, QSB Steel ensure to put your mind at rest about beauty, structure, technology chain as well as best price.

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