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Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings are considered the leading optimal solution for all construction businesses with many outstanding advantages such as fast construction time, variety of structural architecture, flexibility for all terrains – geography, reasonable cost and high application. Therefore, Pre-Engineered Buildings are used quite widely in many developed countries today.

Pre-engineered buildings – Innovative solutions for businesses

The pre-engineered building model is different from reinforced concrete buildings because they are built entirely on steel structures. The materials will be fabricated and processed at the factory into steel components and transported to the construction site for installation. Therefore, the construction and installation is completed very quickly without spending a lot of labor, contributing to the solution of works that need a shortened construction schedule, labor costs are also more economical than human resources for reinforced concrete.

Grasping the trend of superior solutions of pre-engineered steel buildings, QSB Steel provides a package solution for the entire project including Consulting – Design, Production and Installation. In addition, innovative solutions are always applied throughout the stages of each project.



Operating in the steel field for more than a decade, QSB Steel strives every day to create the best and most optimal solutions in each project. Each type and application of pre-engineered buildings will be designed to maximize the purpose of use according to the business field of the enterprise. The products not only need to meet technical standards but also towards aesthetics for each project.

Working process

In order to create beautiful works, we have been constantly learning to improve the working process to shorten the time as well as optimize the steps taken but still ensure the quality and progress of the project.




We comply with the commitments made to our customers. Prestige makes the QSB Steel brand.


QSB Steel applies ISO 9001: 2015 in its working process and strictly complies with the regulations on a disciplined and safe working environment according to Japanese 5S Standards from office block to factory.


A team of qualified and experienced human resources to quickly handle arising problems, always as a reliable partner has created many quality and perfect projects


We always try to bring optimal solutions in terms of quality and cost for our customers’ projects.

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