CS WIND TOWER Manufacture – Ba Ria Vung Tau

CS Wind Tower Project

QSB Steel starts with CS Wind Tower project at Ba Ria Vung Tau Provine. CS Wind – A biggest name in the world in wind tower generating electric.

This factory area is 5000 m2, with main structure  is pre-engineered steel building, with 50T crane. It was designed and built by experienced architects and engineers in building factory, QSB have best solutions for steel structure and economy, it brings to personal proprietor many benefits.

This is some nice pictures from CS Wind factory

CS Wind Corporation is a global wind tower company with expertise, reliability and quality. We create the bright future for human and nature.
CS Wind Corporation has been successful in steel construction business over 20 years and has done many large scale projects all over the world. In order to be specialized in rapidly growing wind power industry, CS Wind Corporation started wind tower business in Vietnam from 2003.
CS Wind Corporation has been producing over 2,300 wind towers from 2004, which have been exported to United States, Europe.
CS Wind Vietnam Co., its first wind tower factory in Vietnam, is now recognized as one of the leading wind tower manufacturers. With accumulated experiences and proven high quality.

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