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Pre-Engineered Buildings Application

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Pre-engineered steel buildings are considered the most optimal choice for you, so a project needs absolute quality, sustainability over time, quick and cost-effective installation.

This is a fairly popular construction trend in the world today, because the advantages that pre-engineered buildings bring are increasingly confirming their trust in the field of building industrial workshops, trade centers, exhibition areas, schools, hospitals,…

Pre-engineered building model


Pre-engineered building application

Commercial Works

  • Supermarket
  • Office
  • Exhibitors
  • Restaurant
  • Showrooms
  • Restaurant
  • Exhibition Center

Public Works

  • Hospital
  • School
  • Museum
  • Stadium
  • Gymnasium
  • Sports Center
  • Convention Center

Industrial Works

  • Factory
  • Assembly factory
  • Storehouse
  • Factory
  • Frozen storage
  • Warehouses
  • Enterprise
  • Warehousing

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