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QSB Steel is a service-product provider that meets all requirements of enterprises, customers from medium and large projects, many businesses in different fields with the desire to create suitable works to serve the right business purposes of customers.

QSB Steel factory with an area of 12,000 m2 has an operating capacity of more than 700 tons of steel per month. The factory has a full range of modern facilities and machines made by advanced and highly automated technologies. The production lines are in compliance with Japan’s 5S quality standards for maintaining a convenient, fast, accurate and efficient working environment that is periodically inspected.


QSB’s factory has a comprehensive production capability ranging from steel components to small fittings to support installations. Projects that require high technicality, precise processing throughout the production and installation process. We ensure the components will meet the requirements of the project.

With a modern factory, QSB Steel is committed to “Right quality – Right processing and inspection process – On schedule“, ready to provide steel structures from simple to complex, diverse to meet the correct and accurate design drawings for industrial projects, buildings or structures that require architectural and artistic specialization.

Factory scale

Total area: 12,000 m2

Address: Provincial Highway 9, Hau Hoa Hamlet, Duc Hoa Thuong Commune, Duc Hoa District, Long An Province.

Typical machine equipment

CNC Plasma Machine

CNC Punching Machine


3 Meters Slitting Machine

6 Meter Slitting Machine


CNC Punching Machine

Mounted Welding Machine


"QSB Steel build the project, we build strong trust."

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Design, manufacture and erection meet international standards.