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QSB Steel is a steel structure company with many years of experience operating in Vietnam market as well as Southeast Asia. We provide the optimal package solution for industrial pre-engineered building projects from design, production and erection. QSB owns modern production lines, optimizes time and professional human resources ... QSB Steel offers a variety of pre-engineered steel buildings such as Factories, Factories, Warehouses, Wedding Restaurants, Exhibition Centers, Showrooms, Warehouses, Supermarkets, Steel Structures, Cold Storage, Medical Equipment Factories, Rental Factories, Transportation Infrastructure (terminals, airports, ...) subject to International regulatory certificates.

Industrial Buildings

Types of industrial pre-engineered buildings: warehouses, workshops, factories, building materials, consumer goods, food - drink,...

Commercial Buildings

Popular civil pre-engineered steel buildings: buildings, offices, hangars, showrooms,...

Infrastructure & transport

Transport and technical infrastructure projects include: welcome gates, toll booths, railway stations, bridges and roads,...

Export Projects

Overseas pre-engineered housing projects implemented by QSB Steel
Flexible architecture

In addition to bearing structures, small details such as gutters, decorative walls, paint colors, frills, bracing,... are meticulously constructed and ensure the quality and aesthetics of the project through flexible and accurate design drawings from a qualified team.


The works and projects are always diverse. QSB Steel always listens and welcomes contributions to perfect the design not only aesthetically but also highly applicable. Experienced team will help optimize customer problems.

Green Buildings

With any project, both customers and businesses implement it towards green and environmentally friendly buildings. QSB provides sustainable construction solutions according to international standards and creates green building products for customers.

Implemented Projects

Công trình Trung tâm phân phối phục vụ HUB Nghệ An- Nhà xưởng Masan

Clients and partners

QSB Steel is proud to be a unit that has been cooperating with many businesses in a variety of business areas

Free quotation of pre-engineered buildings

We always provide good quality services with 100% safety measures.