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QSB Steel – A company specializing in providing package solutions for all pre-engineered steel buildings from the stage of consulting – design, production and erection. In order to ensure the interests of customers, we operate based on the core values of quality and safety, strive to improve the reputation and satisfaction of customers with quality works and projects at the most reasonable cost.


At QSB, the quality in the project, the project from the selection of input materials, optimal design solutions while ensuring the permissible standards and quality in erection construction services, customer service. QSB team always wants to build a steel structure company brand with prestige and leading quality in the domestic and foreign steel market.

All employees of QSB strictly comply with working standards and regulations for each department. Each department will apply a management system to develop, implement and control the best project process, meeting ISO 9001: 2015. Thereby, contributing to the development of brand image and improving reputation in the field of Pre-Engineered Steel at QSB Steel.



Working environment

  • Compliance with workplace regulations
  • Fully equipped with workwear before entering the factory
  • Safe working environment for employees, providing all necessary information

Continuous improvement

  • Encourage employees to contribute ideas and create processes to improve the best working environment, shorten time but ensure the quality of production and construction output.
  • Check each stage of production periodically
  • Each member is always absorbing and improving day by day to increase efficiency.

Monitoring and management

  • Having a certificate of occupational safety that meets standards, thereby guiding and training subordinates to implement safety regulations.
  • Regularly control and measure the workplace management system.)

Necessary information

  • Specific information about a safe and healthy environment for everyone

  • Step-by-step instructions for safe handling in an emergency.


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