Choosing a reputable contractor helps you relieve concerns around quality, price and service. In the field of prefabricated steel buildings, QSB Steel we always put your trust first and your satisfaction is our main concern.

So what happens when you care about us?

Product quality: All members of the QSB Steel Manufacturers’ Association awarded the ISO 9001: 2008 certification to the International Standards Organization and the QSB steel products enjoy certification of recommendations from many guests. Large repeating rows.

Competitive price: Modern production line, good management, experience, professionalism, help to make the most reasonable price.

Experienced and highly skilled workforce: excellent standards of training and education ensure an expert workforce for the highest production standards.

Fast progress: With factory level and well-trained professionaly engineer workers, QSB is committed to ensuring the best quality for customers along with on-time supply and assembly. .

Unless otherwise requested, all QSB Steel buildings will be designed and manufactured according to the latest released US standards.


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