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QSB Steel Co., Ltd. (QSB Steel) was established in 2010, up to now, we have been operating in the pre-engineered steel building market for more than a decade with many opportunities to cooperate with many domestic and foreign enterprises from small projects to large projects, more complex, more scale. The QSB Steel team has carried out more than 1000 steel structures spread throughout the country and always towards Southeast Asia with different complex steel structures to meet the architectural requirements from simple to complex and artistic architecture.

QSB Steel is committed to being a professional, reputable and innovative contractor for all construction projects of the Enterprise" .

With QSB Steel, we are always improving and innovating every day to improve the quality of products - the best service to customers. Each project we receive offers optimal solutions for customers, saving costs, ensuring progress and committing to product quality when handing over.







Production capacity

Provide 100% safe service quality


Becoming a leading enterprise in the region in the application of automatic and intelligent technology in steel structure products, symbolizing customers' trust in quality and efficiency of use.


QSB Steel Company offers optimal solutions for the design, production and construction of high-quality pre-engineered steel buildings domestically and internationally.
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  • Q- Quality
    Customer consulting, design, production, erection and warranty.
  • S- Solution
    Constantly creating and committing to quality in each design, processing and erection.
  • S-safety
    Employees always strictly comply with safety regulations during project implementation
  • S- Schedule
    All projects will be monitored, monitored and completed by QSB on schedule.
  • C- Conform to
    Strictly comply with laws, regulations as well as processes in production and erection.
  • E- Efficient
    High efficiency is a factor that QSB strives to achieve for customers in the works performed.
Organizational System


Lê Duy Xuân

General Director

Trương Ngọc Lân

Production Manager

Phạm Hải Đăng

Technology Manager


QSB Steel standardizes the entire process according to the ISO system. In addition to regular inspections and routine maintenance, we continuously monitor quality to ensure the safety of each stage of the project implementation process.

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We always provide good quality services with 100% safety measures.