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Why choose pre-engineered steel buildings?

Flexible architecture

Load-bearing structures, small details such as gutters, decorative walls, paint colors, frills, bracing,... are meticulously constructed and ensure the quality, as well as the aesthetics of the project through flexible and accurate design drawings from a qualified team.


Pre-engineered buildings are very popular in the business field because of their high applicability, not only used to make factories, production factories,... but also used in public buildings, commercial centers,...

Green Buildings

With any project, both customers and businesses implement it towards green and environmentally friendly buildings. QSB provides sustainable construction solutions according to international standards and creates products for customers that meet green building standards.

Why choose QSB STEEL?

Prioritize safety

With the criterion "Safety first", not only at the factory but also at the construction sites. Every stage of production is monitored and strictly complies with International standards.

Best solution

To create a perfect project, we all consider many criteria to come up with the most optimal implementation plan. In addition, the plan to limit even the smallest arising is carefully prepared.

Trust & recognition

Over the past decades, QSB has cooperated with many medium and large enterprises that have received satisfactory feedback and recognition of the project. Become our core operational value.


QSB will process the components and transport them to the erection site. This will be more convenient in optimizing construction time and ensuring the best quality for the pre-engineered steel.

Optimal cost

We provide a comprehensive solution from consulting - design, production and product finishing. The project cost will be based on actual requirements and status. The price is always optimized and estimated best for customers.)

Team of experts

Our staff has a lot of experience in creating large, complex pre-engineered buildings, so we are confident that we can successfully complete all types of projects. Employees are trained annually to improve their knowledge and better working processes.

Environmental friendliness

We always uphold environmental responsibility when implementing projects. QSB Steel aims to reduce the building's impact on the environment through compliance with the environmental management system.

Quality progress

All QSB projects follow strict procedures to meet the project schedule of customers. More than 80% of projects at QSB are qualified and on schedule according to the contract. Commitment to the progress and quality of the work.


QSB Steel standardizes the entire process according to the ISO system. In addition to regular inspections and routine maintenance, we continuously monitor quality to ensure the safety of each stage of the project implementation process.

15 years

Structural warranty

2 years

Water and material leaks

3 days

Problem solving

Warranty Policy

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Design, manufacture and erection meet international standards.